Losing a tooth is an extremely unpleasant experience, especially when it is prolonged. It is one thing when you have a loose tooth that comes out within one or two days, or you get knocked in your mouth and a tooth falls out. Those are quick experiences where you do not have a lot of complications. But it is not always like that. Sometimes a tooth can take weeks to come out.

When you have a regular tooth that is infected or damaged, it may be loose in its roots. That is a problem, as a loose tooth is not going to go back in its place, which means that it eventually has to come out. The question is how you will go about removing that tooth.

Many people make the mistake of trying to do this at home. Perhaps you watched a YouTube video or read an article and now you think that you are ready for tooth extraction chicago. The truth is that you are only going to cause yourself a lot more pain and suffering, as you will get hurt removing the tooth and you may infect your mouth as well.

The only way to get a tooth removed safely is by visiting your dentist. If you are in a lot of pain you can always book an emergency appointment for the same evening or the next morning. If it is not urgent, schedule a visit in the coming days, and you will safely have your tooth removed.

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Dentists used specialized tools and they have a lot of experience in extracting teeth. If the tooth is already fairly loose, they can do it very quickly. Teeth that are a bit loose but still solidly in your mouth may require you to get an anesthesia shot before the dentist can remove your tooth.